Северо-западная граница (1959) (North West Frontier)

Two people trapped by fate. In a country with no destiny.
Приключения / Драма • 129 минут  7.2/10
В ролях: Kenneth More Lauren Bacall Herbert Lom Wilfrid Hyde-White I.S. Johar Ursula Jeans Eugene Deckers Ian Hunter и другие.
Director: J. Lee Thompson Screenplay: Frank S. Nugent Story: Patrick Ford Screenplay: Robin Estridge Story: Will Price Director of Photography: Geoffrey Unsworth Producer: Marcel Hellman Музыка: Mischa Spoliansky
Выпущен • 13 октября 1959 г.

In British India, a young prince must be taken to safey across rebel-held territory, and an old train is the only way to do it.

A.K.A. AU: Empress of India  DE: Brennendes Indien  ES: La India en llamas  FR: Aux frontières des Indes  PT: Sangue sobre a Índia  RU: Северо-западная граница  US: Flame Over India