Returning Series – episode 13x17 aired 12 hours ago, episode 13x18 airs in 6 days
1318: Bring 'em Back Alive(April 12, 2018 – in 6 days)
Lucifer rules over heaven but things aren't going exactly as planned, exasperating his first lady, Jo. Sam and Castiel are perplexed by the return of Gabriel. Meanwhile, Dean gets one step closer to finding Mary and Jack.

Will air in 6 days – check back later!

A.K.A. AR: Sobrenatural  BR: Sobrenatural  CA: Surnaturel  CZ: Lovci duchů  HU: Odaát  PT: Sobrenatural  RU: Сверхъестественное  TR: Doğaüstü